Who I am, what I do.

My name is Odi Jin. And that line, “a moment in time, a life of love…2 doves” – yeh I wrote that đŸ™‚ I started photographing at a very young age and somewhere along the road hobby turned into passion, passion turned into academic study, and finally everything blossomed into a full-on career. While many photographers shunned away from shooting weddings, I personally find it rewarding. Food gets eaten, flowers wither, dress gets worn once, tux gets returned, music fades, buzz wears off, and party ends, but photos last a lifetime.

I bring a trendsetting lens to each and every wedding that sets ablaze the true happiness each couple feels at the day their lives join together. Whether you are the life of a party, a social butterfly, the quiet observer, the intellectual, the doer not the talker, the conversationalist, or the easy going everyday man or woman, I will bring a smile to your face even if I have to tickle you!

I believe the most beautiful pictures come from the realness of the people being photographed and having the ability to tease out and reveal the “true you” is my particular gift. Your wedding photos will look natural, joyful, and above all – real.

I encourage you to visit my main website to get a comprehensive look at my portfolios: The Mothership Site